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    Rosalyn Song is a South Korean photographer and music producer. She delves into personal cognitive systems and the identities they give rise to. She has introduced her own photography genre known as "psytechnography," which investigates the interconnected dynamics of humans, technology, media, and their blending in performance. In this genre, she explores the idea of "sound-producing photographs" and "photographs as sound." Through her work, she crafts music videos that meld narratives with visuals and sound, presenting a perspective on various everyday occurrences from both anthropological and philosophical angles.


    로잘린송은 한국의 사진 작가이자 뮤직 프로듀서다. 개인의 인지체계와 그로인해 생성된 정체성에 관심을 둔다. “인간과 기술, 미디어와 매체의 유기적 순환과 수행적 결합”이라는 의미의 ‘사이테크노그래피(psytechnography)’라는 자신만의 하이브리드 사진 장르를 개척하여, ‘소리가 나는 사진’과 ‘소리로서의 사진’을 실험한다. 서사가 있는 이미지와 사운드를 결합한 뮤직비디오를 제작하고, 그 안에서 일상속 공통된 다양한 사건을 인류학적, 철학적 태도로 제시한다. 










    • "One Hour Photo Project," Katzen Art Center at American University, Washington DC, USA, 2010

    • "Managed Landscape," Darkroom Gallery, VT, USA, 2010

    • "National Cell Phone Photography Exhibition," Southern University Museum-Art, USA, 2010

    • "Snapshots," Black Box Gallery, Oregon, USA, 2011

    • "In Celebration of Trees," PhotoPlace Gallery, VT, USA, 2016

    • "Professor Ma with lively Rosalyn," Dual exhibition with Professor Gwangsoo Ma (painting), Art Space Hue, Seoul, Korea, 2016

    • "Green," Darkroom Gallery, VT, USA, 2016

    • "FOCUS 2018," b.j. spoke gallery, New York, USA, 2018 (curated by Kelly Sidley, Curatorial Assistant, Department of Photography at The Museum of Modern Art, NY)

    • "House Of Lucie Fall Group Show," House Of Lucie, L.A, USA, 2019




    • SOLO SHOW:



    • "Phoenix," Art Space Hue, Paju, Korea, 2011

    • "Counterfeit Chicks," Gallery Shingyo, Seoul, Korea, 2014

    • "Cosmo-," 291 Photographs, Seoul, Korea, 2021







    "Nosugar Records", Founder/Director/Producer.




    • Surfer Girl, Single, 2021

    • To Summer, Single, 2021

    • Cosmo-, Single, 2021


    • Rosalyn Song:


    • Copy and Paste, Single, 2022

    • Significant Others, EP, 2022

    • Coffee and Bossa Nova, Single, 2022

    • Call My Name, Single, 2023




    • Documentary Film - “What Bonds Us”, 2023 (South Korea)




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