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  • My Dolls (2012 ~ 2023).


    This project delves into the intricate dynamics between reality and fantasy, utilizing the medium of photography as its primary mode of exploration. Through the deliberate placement of dolls in scenes characterized by vivid colors and contrasting elements reminiscent of comic book art, the project seeks to communicate the nuanced interplay between reality and fantasy.  I strive to convey the inherent duality present in our real and imagined selves. It provides me with a means to illuminate the tension that arises from the collision between our genuine desires and the external limitations that encompass us.


    Barbie dolls have played a pivotal role in my artistic journey, serving as powerful symbols that delve into the interplay between the imagined and reality. Through my photography, I intentionally employ vibrant colors and stark contrasts, drawing inspiration from the aesthetics of comic book art; a display of the disharmony between my personal aspirations and the expectations imposed by society.


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