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    The mirage (2009-2019).


    My journey to the United States in 2005 was filled with hope for a better future. However, the challenges I faced as an immigrant, including the difficulty of assimilating into American society, led me to explore the history of Latinos in Arizona. I was moved by the stories I heard, particularly those related to the impact of the Mexican-American War and the subsequent displacement of Latinos from their land. As a Korean immigrant who understands the pain of colonization, I was struck by the parallels between these experiences.


    These experiences led me to begin this project exploring the history and identity of Latinos in Arizona. Over a 10-year period, I recorded images of the historic barrio districts of Phoenix, which resonated with my own emotions of loneliness and isolation. Using realism and documentation, I aimed to depict the disappearing aspects of these districts and the emotions of loneliness and isolation that resonated with me. Additionally, I incorporated colors that resemble illustrations to create a metaphorical representation of the events that exist in reality but seem otherworldly.

    Sadly, many of these landscapes have since disappeared due to gentrification, leaving us with a conflict between the reality of their absence and the fantasy of our memories. As a former immigrant and resident of Arizona, I cannot ignore this issue and hope my work will contribute to a better understanding of the impact of displacement on individuals and communities.


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